- Hot Docs 2016 Women Directors:  Meet Jessie Deeter

- Margaret Mead Film Festival Director Interview 

- Nonfics (Hot Docs 2016):  Film Review

- Listen to Co-Producer/Editor Sara Maamouri's interview about A Revolution in   Four Seasons on RTCI in Tunis. [English, April 12, 2016]

- "Le documentaire 'A revolution in four seasons' en avant première à Toronto, ou la transition démocratique vue par Emna Ben Jemaa et Jawhara Ettis":  Huffington Post

- "The Margaret Mead Film Festival Brings the Camera Lens to Global Issues" : Huffington Post

- Santa Barbara International Film Festival "Meet the Makers"

- San Francisco Indiefest Review

- Shabka Interview with Jessie Deeter

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